Akademia Music Awards February 2019

February 2019 – winner – “Remember Death” – Best Rock Music Video and Best Rock Song Award https://www.theakademia.com/awards/2019/DarknessLight-RememberDeath-0000000035.html and https://www.theakademia.com/awards/2019/DarknessLight-RememberDeath-0000000034.html  

Best Rock Album 2018

Best Rock Album Deutscher Rock and Pop Preis 2018

‘Darkness‘ was crowned  ‘Best Rock Album‘ at Deutscher Rock and Pop Preis 2018  / Siegen 08h Dec. The line-up: Cristian Bettendorf – guitars Helmuth Treichel – vocals Gaby Weihmayer – vocals Maxx Hertweck – drums Klaus Geisel – keyboards Bernd Sparhuber – bass  

Akademia Music Awards July and August 2018

August 2018 – winner – “Nightcrawler” – Music Award of Excellence, category Heavy Metal Song https://www.theakademia.com/music/DarknessLight-Nightcrawler.html July 2018 – winner – “Darkness” – Best Album Rock https://www.theakademia.com/music/jxMnnXmjMCFZaBtVAvsJ.html    

Akademia Music Awards for June 2018

Just in time for the release of our new album “Darkness” we won The Akademia Music Awards for June 2018 for the title track ‘Darkness‘ as Best Rock Song. https://www.theakademia.com/music/C2FdxFq3XADv8bLQC3Gg.html ”Darkness” instantly grips the listener – you’ll be hard put to find a more arresting rock experience – yet its mindblowing instrumental chops are imperturbably […]